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Reflection Blog Post #5

Separating well structured html documents with css used to provide a presentational layer. Presenting your web pages in this format offers numerous advantages to imrpove your code and become more professional. Using css instead of using embedded styles in your html is advantegous because it is simple to read, decrease in loding times because of small file sizes, valid markup, and no use of tables to control structure.



Reflection Blog #12

I have been following the business of making web pages and believe we are in the beginning stages of doing business online.  There are multiple ways one can use web pages to make money online. One way is to create landing pages which feature an affiliate product that you are focused on selling. These are often called “squeeze pages” and are the product of good copywriters. Another way is to create your own ecommerce site. Many affiliate programs online offer product feeds which allow you to display products in your store directly using xml.

Reflection #11

I think multimedia can be extremely valuable to a web site. It all depends on the site and the users that come to visit the site. When considering multimedia for your web page you have to consider the users that are coming to your site and if they would be receptive to it and if there browsers can handle the bandwidth necessary to run video.

Too much multimedia can leave your visitors annoyed with slow page loading times.  And if usability is not considered you run the risk of losing your core visitors and distracting from the content of the page. Using multimedia on your page is a fine line that you must continue to walk as your site continues to grow.

Reflection #10

I have to admit that I have hit a rough patch in my programming. I am having difficulty still completing  assignment 9-2. I am having trouble trying to render text with Dom Scripting. The suggestion at the beginning of this class to use Aptana Studio was spot on.  I have found it to be really helpful for debugging and gaining access to all the methods and properties.  It has been frustrating recently to sit down and work because it seems like it has not gone anywhere. Most of my time working this week has been mostly study.

Reflection Blog #8

Really have not had any problems with the course. I felt a couple of the questions on the mid term had bad wording but other than that all is fine. I am looking forward to finishing my project and adding a crucial piece to my portfolio.

I always thought that dynamic content was created using a server side language such as php or to pull information from a database and populate the client page. This functionality is also becoming more prevalent as people become aware of using javascript to create this dynamic content as well.  There are a few options in order to make dynamic content work but you must take care because both overdoing it and having errors with your dynamic content does not look good.

I have been working javascript the past couple weeks and using Dom Scripting, to create AJAX pages is a little beyond my scope right now. I am working on it and this class has been a big boost.

Brad Woods

Reflection Blog #6

Getting the navigation to work, using css, came in stages for me. At first I was able to get the list coded using css but it remained horizontal but I needed a vertical list. The css  style that I used to create the horizontal list is display:inline.  I call the id for this styled list in my menu to serve as a horizontal navigation structure. I have also added a right side navigation bar, content section, and a footer.

As web developers it is our responsibility to create pages that are also viewable. With increasing numbers of people coming towards the internet creating sites that are easily accessible by the visually impaired, will be a great asset to the web development community.

I have to admit that it is something that I have never thought about too much. I would believe that using CSS you could make the font bigger and give more color to your page to accent the important content.\

Admittedly something that I need to spend more time researching in the future. I realize the importance of web page viewing for the impaired and I need to be prepared with effective strategies to best handle these visitors.

Reflection Blog #3

This was a good week and I really had no frustrations working.   This week I was able to move forward on many of the projects that I have been sitting on.  The new knowledge that I have gained from classes has helped me to become more efficient in my work. I had a chance to read more on web usability and different content management systems.

This week I spent thinking about my final project idea and reading the assignments. The two ideas that I have been juggling are projects that I have been sitting on for a bit. One is a non profit college scholarship program and the other is a private label beverage site. The college scholarship would be a simple 5-6 page site with a form that allows students to apply for scholoarships online and the other would be a template design for a e-commerce site that allowed you to create your own beverage using ajax functionality. I want to do both of these sites very soon but I have to pick one so I decided to do the non-profit because it was easier and straight forward. The private label drink site will take more time because of the business aspects that must be considered.

I am looking forward to working with Aptana studio. This looks to be a robust framework and should work nicely. I am already considering purchasing it.