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  1. Positive mental attitude

    All riches begin with a state of mind. And remember, it is the one thing over which you have sole control. This is the starting point of all riches, whether they be material or intangible. It attracts true friendship and the hope of future achievement. You labor in the highest plane of your soul, creating. It attracts harmony in home relationships and friendly cooperation. It frees you from fear and provides you with the riches of enthusiasm. It inspires you with the riches of song and laughter, which indicate your state of mind. The joy of knowing that the mind can and will serve any desired end if one will take possession of it and fuel it with a definite purpose. It elicits the riches of play through which one may lay aside all of the burdens of life and become as a little child again. It puts you in touch with one’s “other self” – the self which knows no such reality as permanent failure. The wisdom of meditation through which one may draw upon the great universal supply of infinite intelligence at will. These and all other riches begin with a positive mental attitude.

  2. Sound Physical Health

    Sound health begins with a “health consciousness” produced by a mind that thinks in terms of health instead of sickness. It requires temperance in eating and commitment to physical activity.

  3. Harmony in Human Relationships

    Harmony with others begins with yourself. “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou cans’t not then be false to any man” ~Shakespeare

  4. Freedom from Fear

    Nobody who fears anything is free. The seven basic fears that appear in the mind are poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love,loss of liberty, old age, and death.

  5. The Hope of Achievement

    The greatest of all forms of happiness comes from hope of achievement of some yet unattained desire.

  6. The Capacity for Faith

    Faith is the connection with the conscious mind and all that is. It is the fertile soil of the garden of the human mind where all riches in life are produced. It is the stuff that gives creative power and action to the impulses of your thoughts.

  7. Willingness to Share One’s Blessings

    Happiness comes only by sharing. Riches that are not shared will ultimately die. All riches may be multiplied by the simple process of sharing them where they may serve others.

  8. Labor of Love

    Labor is the highest form of human expression of desire. The forerunner of all human progress. All labors of love are sanctified because they bring the joy of self-expression.

  9. An Open Mind on All Subjects

    It is only the person with an open mind who becomes truly educated and who is thus prepared to receive the greater riches of life.

  10. Self-Discipline

    The person who cannot master himself may never become of the master of anything else. Those that master themselves become the masters of their destiny. The greatest expression of this is in humility of the hear when one has attained great riches or has been overtaken by that which is called “success”.

  11. Capacity to Understand People

    Comes from the basic understanding that all people are fundamentally like and evolved from the same place. Those who understand what motivates others must first understand what motivates themselves.

  12. Economic Security

    Economic security is not attained by the possession of money alone. It is attained by the service one renders – for this may be converted into all forms of human needs, with or without the use of money.

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    I bring harmony, peace, and joy into every situation and into all of my personal relationships. I know, believe, and claim that the peace of God reigns supreme in the mind and heart of everyone in my home and business. No matter what the problem is, I always maintain peace,  poise,  patience, and wisdom. I fully and freely forgive everyone, regardless of what they may have said or done. I cast all my burdens on the God-self within. I go free. This is a marvelous feeling. I know that blessings come to me as I forgive.

    I see the angel of God’s presence behind every problem or difficult situation. I know the solution is there and that everything is working out in Divine order. I trust the God presence implicitly. It knows how to accomplish what must be done. The Absolute Order of Heaven and His Absolute Wisdom are acting through me now and at all times. I know that order is Heaven’s first law.

    My mind is now fixed joyously and expectantly on this perfect harmony. I know the result is the inevitable, perfect solution; my answer is God’s answer, for it is Divine.


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    I know that my faith in God determines my future. My faith in God means my faith in all things good. I unite myself now with true ideas, and I know the future will be in the image and likeness of my habitual thinking. From this moment forward my thoughts are on Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are lovely, and of good report (Phil 4:8) Day and night I meditate on these things and I know these seeds, or thoughts, that I habitually dwell upon will become a rich harvest for me. I am the captain of my own soul; I am the master of my fate; for my thought and feeling are my destiny.


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    I know that the answer to my problem lies in the God-Self within me. I now become quiet, still, and relaxed. I am at peace. I know God speaks in peace and not in confusion. I am now in tune with the Infinite; I know and believe implicitly that Infinite Intelligence is revealing to me the perfect answer. I think about the solution to my problems. I now live in the mood I would have were my problem solved. I truly live in this abiding faith and trust that is the mood of the solution; this is the spirit of God moving within me. This Spirit is omnipotent; I am glad. I live in this feeling and give thanks.

    I know that God has the answer. With God all things are possible. God is the Living Spirit Almighty within me; He is the source of all wisdom and illumination.

    The indicator of the Presence of God within me is a sense of peace and poise. I now cease all sense of strain and struggle; I trust the God-Power implicitly. I know that all the wisdom and power I need to live a glorious and successful life are within me. I relax my entire body; my faith is in His wisdom; I go free. I claim and feel the peace of God flooding my mind, heart, and whole being. I know the quiet mind gets its problems solved. I now turn the request over to the God-Presence knowing it has an answer. I am at peace.


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    Life is a state of mind. It can bring you whatever you want. The only stipulation is that you may not harm another human being.  What you consistently think about creates your physical reality. You control your thoughts through self suggestion. Do not worry if it is not true yet. Keep saying it and your mind will have no choice but to believe it. To accelerate your results back your words with positive emotion and enthusiasm.