Reflection Blog #7 – Dynamic Content

I always thought that dynamic content was created using a server side language such as php or to pull information from a database and populate the client page. This functionality is also becoming more prevalent as people become aware of using javascript to create this dynamic content as well.  There are a few options in order to make dynamic content work but you must take care because both overdoing it and having errors with your dynamic content does not look good.

I have been working javascript the past couple weeks and using Dom Scripting, to create AJAX pages is a little beyond my scope right now. I am working on it and this class has been a big boost.

Brad Woods


  1. Gregg Ramsay

    Since you have been working with JavaScript, how do you like it? What you said about over-doing it is exactly correct. Too much of a good thing in a web page results in an ugly or slow page.


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