Reflection Blog Post #2

This week I spent thinking about my final project idea and reading the assignments. The two ideas that I have been juggling are projects that I have been sitting on for a bit. One is a non profit college scholarship program and the other is a private label beverage site. The college scholarship would be a simple 5-6 page site with a form that allows students to apply for scholoarships online and the other would be a template design for a e-commerce site that allowed you to create your own beverage using ajax functionality. I want to do both of these sites very soon but I have to pick one so I decided to do the non-profit because it was easier and straight forward. The private label drink site will take more time because of the business aspects that must be considered.

I am looking forward to working with Aptana studio. This looks to be a robust framework and should work nicely. I am already considering purchasing it.


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