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In order to be successful you will be required to take steps everyday to protect your attitude from negative thoughts of fear and worry. You fight these evils with gratitude and action. I created this simple form that I fill out everyday that I call the Positive Attitude Adjuster. Take it, modify it, use it. I challenge my readers to commit to doing this for 30 days consecutively to see amazing results. Any comments on how I could improve this form are also greatly appreciated.

Positive Attitude Adjuster


  1. Rob

    Hi Bradley,

    The key here is the 30 days…. in fact at least 30 days. It may not feel like much is happening over the course of that time, but you will notice suddenly after that 30 or so days. that a core belief or pattern has just flipped, totally transformed. Miss a day and you have to start from day one again. That’s the power your old patterns have over you if you don’t stay commited.

    That’s neural reconditioning and it’s the most powerful process we are just discovering. The world we live in is in the process of a transformation because of this. My newest project is now live and almost ready to be shared online. I call it the Neural Recon Report.

    Good work Bradley. Keep in touch.

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  3. I think your form is a great tool. Most people have to break negative thinking habits over many years. I think you need to have motivators and education built in the program. Consider the fate of most New Year Resolutions!

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