Law of Success – Lesson 9 – Habit of …

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The common inclination of most people is to do the minimum it takes to get by. If you look at these people carefully, you will observe this “getting by” as temporary and little benefit is being received in return. Why is that?

Two Major Reasons Why You Must Practice This Law:

  1. Just like any other form of conditioning, you become stronger with use and you atrophy with little or no use
  2. By rendering better service than that for which you are paid, you are turning the spotlight on yourself. Through this law of cause and effect there will be a continuous increase in the demand for your services

By rendering more service and better service than that for which you are paid, you will stand in bold contrast to others in your line of service. If you feel under appreciated; through continuously increasing effort and persistence, doors will open you did not know existed. Do not worry about where the returns will come because it is a universal law, they will come. Just feel good about the excellent service you provided and let the Universe do the rest.


” Do the thing and you shall have the power.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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