10 Major Factors for Confidence

10 Major Factors for Confidence
by Napoleon Hill

(pgs. 131-132: How to Sell Your Way Through Life, 1955, Ralston Publishing Co., Cleveland, Ohio.)

By careful observation of thousands of sales people from whom I have learned all that I know about selling, I discovered that ten major factors enter into the development of confidence. They are:

    (1) Follow the habit of rendering more service and better service than you are paid to render.
    (2) Enter into no transaction which does not benefit, as nearly alike as possible, everyone it affects.
    (3) Make no statement which you do not believe to be true, no matter what temporary advantages a falsehood might seem to offer.
    (4) Have a sincere desire in your heart to be of the greatest possible service to the largest number of people.
    (5) Cultivate a wholesome admiration for people; like them better than you like money!
    (6) Do you best to live as well as preach your own philosophy of business. Actions speak louder than words!
    (7) Accept no favors, large or small, without giving favors in return.
    (8) Ask nothing of any person without believing that you have a right to that for which you ask.
    (9) Enter into no arguments with any person over trivial or non-essential details.
    (10)Spread the sunshine of good cheer wherever and whenever you can. No man trusts a joy-killer!

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