Psycho-Cybernetic Mental Training Exercise #2


Have a heart-to-heart talk with yourself and honestly assess whether you have any problems you’re no longer attempting to resolve only because you have accepted as “fact” that they cannot be solved, whether you are living out circumstances in your life that are unfufilling or even demeaning to you because you have accepted as fact that you cannot alter them. Reconsider! Apply current rational thought to challenge these beliefs and then use your imagination to “shop around” and try out new and different possibilities.

  • Why do you believe that you can’t?
  • Is this belief based on an actual fact or on an assumption or false conclusion?
  • Is there any rational reason for such a belief?
  • Could it be that I am mistaken in this belief?
  • Would I come to the same conclusion about some other person in a similar situation?
  • Why should I continue to act and feel as if this were true if there is no good reason to believe it?

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What is Psycho- Cybernetics?

Psycho-Cybernetic Mental Training Exercise #1


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