Six Steps To Turn Desire Into Gold


  1. Determine the exact amount of money you desire
  2. Determine what you intend to give in return for this money.
  3. Establish a definite date by which you intend to possess all this money.
  4. Create a definite plan for achieving your desire and begin immediately to take action.
  5. Write out a statement of the time limit, what you intend to give, and describe clearly the plan through which you intend to accumulate this money.
  6. Read your written statement aloud twice a day, in the morning and evening. Put all the emotion you can behind this as you begin to see yourself clearly in the possession of what you desire.

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  1. JD

    Dennis Kimbro has a book called “Think and Grow Rich a Black Choice” I think Mr Hill and he did it together. This post needs to be taken seriously

  2. Yeah that is a great book, I loved it.

  3. This is interesting… worth a closer look. I have to say that I have recently moved away from intending money, but focused more on the life, people, places and things I would do be and have with the lifestyle that a lot of money would bring. My experience has been A LOT better as a result. Perhaps until I overcome my internal dysfunctional belief system about the green stuff my focus on the life I want and feeling those feelings is working for me. However I am willing to give this a go. Thanks!

  4. I didn’t post these steps just for intending money. These six steps can help you to get anything. I use the word money here loosely to describe your own dreams and desires. It was never my desire to put money on a pedestal. You bring up an important point Jennifer. You obviously have to know what you want before you can ever achieve it but the emotion you put behind this intention is also very important. Thanks for bringing this up.

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