A Good Deed Returns The Unexpected

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Happy Posts was born out of a vision to create a place where people could come and tap into something positive. It is a place to share those special moments that uplifted you in your everyday life. Everyone gathers here for the same reason: to hear the good that has happened in the lives of others. It is a place where every story is important; everyone is welcome.

Unexpected Return


I had a very interesting (and happy) thing happen to me a few weeks ago. It was a Wednesday, and I had just picked up my son from the daycare. We were pulling out of the parking lot, when I noticed someone across the street with the hood up on their car. Normally, I wouldn’t have stopped (especially not with my son in the car), but I had a feeling I needed to.


So, I pulled over there, got out of the car and was met by a woman in her mid 40’s. She was dressed professionally, and by the way she looked, I thought maybe she was a doctor, lawyer or the like. I remember thinking to myself that surely she had a cell phone and had already called for help. Still, I went on over to her.


She told me her car had died on her way to the airport. She was going out of town for a couple of days to visit with her mother, who was ill. She was so upset about the car that she dropped her cell phone on the pavement while trying to call for help and it wouldn’t work any more. I told her not to worry, I had one and I’d stay with her until help came.




She made a couple of calls and had someone on the way to tow her car. She couldn’t get in touch with her husband. Having a few minutes to spare and not being that far from the airport, I told her I’d run her to catch her plane if it would help. She was so excited I offered! She thanked me and we got her bags from the back of the car. Once her car was on its way, I drove her to the airport, we exchanged numbers and she was on her way. I felt really good.




I talked to her again after she returned. She called just to thank me again for rescuing her. And, asked if I would give her my address so she could mail me a thank you card. I gave it to her and we hung up. Several days later, a card arrived from her. Written inside the face of the card was this note:






“It is so wonderful that there are people in this world still willing to go out of their way to do something nice for strangers. I was very distraught the day you stopped, but you calmed me down and helped me on my way. Thanks to you, I was able to go visit with my mother. What you don’t know is that she will not be around much longer. This was my last visit with her, I’m afraid. So, thank you for helping me to do that. I would be making a mistake if I did not try to repay your kindness. I know you helped me and did not expect anything in return. (Which makes it that much better!) Enclosed is a token of thanks from my husband and me. Do something nice for your family with it.”




Enclosed was a check for $500.00. I was dumfounded. What she didn’t know was that my wife had lost her job a couple of months ago. She had found another one, but we were a little behind. That day, I had been wondering where we were going to get the money to make some of our bills. Now, here I sat with the money we needed. I guess the lesson is obvious. Do good, get good. And, I’m thankful for that

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