Psycho-Cybernetic Mental Training Exercise #1


As discussed in the previous post on psycho-cybernetics, your future sucess is based predominantely upon the self-image that your currently hold of yourself. This exercise is not word for word because for that you are going to have to buy the book. But I will give you some tips on heading in the right direction with your creative visualizations. I will warn you that you will not achieve results unless these exercises are consistently followed. I suggest 15 minute sessions for the next 21 days then from there you can step it up.  After 21 days, these exercises become a habit and adding more time to your routine is simple.

1.  Begin with a written outline of the vision you intend to create. This will help you to create a more vivid mental picture. If you want to crystalize this image, continually come back to this outline and refine it. With practice your imagination will become crisp and your ability to create drastically improves. Remember that practice makes perfect!

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  1. visualization is a great technique. your words and thoughts are powerful. repeatedly focusing on negativity is a no no. you need to learn how to overcome those thoughts.

  2. Your absolutely right Marcia.

  3. Gregory Woods

    Hi Brad,

    I really like what you have created; will you mentor me!!!

    Your Dad

  4. I’m glad to see that there are people like you out there promoting the work of Dr. Maltz. It’s totally changed my life. I used to have anxiety and depression before using his techniques and now I just love my life. Keep teaching this stuff to others. It really makes a difference.

  5. warie blip porbeni

    it is important to share this means of learning with as many people that are willing to open their minds to new forms of learning.i have used this study and benefitted imensly ….

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