Gotta’ Get Goals!


I have been tagged by Alex Shalman for a meme he created called Gotta Get Goals.  In this meme he asks that we list and write about our 10 most important life goals. I tackled this post over the weekend as an addition to my weekly GTD review.

1. Harmonious relationships with every one in my family. To spend time everyday to pray over them. A life of gratitude for everything that I have in my life. I am surronded by positive individuals that promote each others growth. A loving and passionate relationship with my wife that grows stronger by the day.

2. Financial independence is my second life goal. I seek to be debt free and a residual income coming in. I would like this money to give to charities and so that me and my wife can pursue our passions without any financial or time constraints.

3. Six figure residual income from my websites. I desire to live a blessed life and the ability to document all of it.

4. I want to complete the Ironman Hawaii.

5. I want to visit 6 continents. Sorry but I have no desire to visit Antartica. Maybe I can add the moon instead! 🙂

6. Develop a philosophy of life that helps myself and others to achieve what they want in life without violating anyones rights. I desire to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

7. Live my life in my own way realizing that the only limitations that exist are the ones that I setup in my own mind. I expect the best and I have blinded myself from the negative thoughts of others.

8.  A high traffic website that I can use to speak to a large number of people.  I am working at getting into the Technorati top 100.

Tag, Your It!
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Stefan Karagos @ Anabubula
Jim Walton @ Black In Business
Malcolm Gladwell
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*These lists take way too long to create and I would rather be writing or reading than making another list. If you want to clarify your dreams and goals feel free to join in as well. Make sure you link to me and Alex Shalman so we can follow along with the conversations. Make it a great day!

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  1. Rob

    Great post.
    I’m all for it. I have been working on what my heart’s desire is in life. I never realised it would be so hard to actually put it down in words! Such resistance is incredible. Anyway I am pretty much there. I think I’ll post about it as this post here has inspired me.


  2. I had resistance mentally to putting these down on paper as well. But something happens to you when you put them down and decide that you are going to achieve them…

  3. Bwoods:

    Great post. You make excellent points. This is something that I am now beginning to get back into-writing my goals…As Rob mentioned the difference though, between thinking the goals and writing them down can be compared to the difference between $1 and $1 mil in the bank.

    Otherwise, stay inspired!

  4. Bradley,

    I could’ve sworn that I’ve been to your blog since your post on this and did not even notice that you mentioned me here! I need to get to work on this 😉

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    […] interesting that I didn’t write about business success or financial needs. Huh, that’s something for me to consider why. I […]

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