I bring harmony, peace, and joy into every situation and into all of my personal relationships. I know, believe, and claim that the peace of God reigns supreme in the mind and heart of everyone in my home and business. No matter what the problem is, I always maintain peace,  poise,  patience, and wisdom. I fully and freely forgive everyone, regardless of what they may have said or done. I cast all my burdens on the God-self within. I go free. This is a marvelous feeling. I know that blessings come to me as I forgive.

I see the angel of God’s presence behind every problem or difficult situation. I know the solution is there and that everything is working out in Divine order. I trust the God presence implicitly. It knows how to accomplish what must be done. The Absolute Order of Heaven and His Absolute Wisdom are acting through me now and at all times. I know that order is Heaven’s first law.

My mind is now fixed joyously and expectantly on this perfect harmony. I know the result is the inevitable, perfect solution; my answer is God’s answer, for it is Divine.


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