Charismatic Secrets of Great Leadership

I was going through some of my old links and I came across this gem of an article from Psychology Today. This is a great article that profiles a few of the greatest leaders the world has seen and looks at the research done to find the source of their great Charisma.  This article lists 4 qualities that the most charismatic men and women all possess a great amount of. Let’s discuss 🙂

The X-Factors of Success – Psychology Today 



  1. I won’t discuss in detail.Four main qualities a leader should possess are;

    # He should be able to identify with the common man,should work for their betterment.

    # Should be able to show sincerety of purpose and create trust amongst fellow men.

    # Should practise the Economics of Abundance.

    # Should develop Quality people.
    Thanks for inviting my views.Best wishes.

  2. No problem Surjit. I find your writing very insightful. So when you say practice the Economics of Abundance do you mean giving? I have never heard that phrase before.

  3. 1.Walk the talk
    2.Walk the talk
    3.Walk the talk
    …I could go on for this forever! Don´t ask for anything if you are not ready to do it yourself. Attitude & Congruency is King!

  4. Bradley,

    Interesting article. I’m not sure if I agree with the authors standpoint that charisma can’t be developed though. Not having those four traits has less to do with a lack of some inborn ability but more to do with improper phrasing. Check out How to be Charismatic: Lessons from the Dog Whisperer for an example of what phrasing is and how it can be applied to the four traits spoken of in this article.

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