Attract Wealth and Prosperity Through Gratitude

It does wonders to wish all those around you health, happiness, peace, promotion, wealth and all the blessings that life has to offer. As you do this you will at the same time reap these same blessings upon yourself. Remember that it is a universal law that like attracts like and what you sow, you also shall reap.

Your thoughts are creative; so, it only makes logical sense to control your own thoughts to radiate gratitude and all of the blessings in life upon everyone.

Love is the law of health, happiness, peace, prosperity, and of joyous and successful living. This love produces harmony, health, peace, kindness, joy, honesty, integrity, justice, and laughter.

Right now is the time to begin radiating this attitude upon everyone you contact with.  So do you want more success and happiness? If you persistently and consistently think positive thoughts for the people you come into contact with, the universe will respond in kind.The impact you can have on yourself and the people around you is amazing. Are you making the most of this law today?

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  1. Thank you for this article, I been trying to promote a social network website, without success, this make scent to me now. Once again Thank you for opening my spirit to another way of doing business. Wendell

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