Today is God’s day. I choose harmony, success, prosperity, abundance, security, and divine right action. Infinite Intelligence reveals to me better ways to give greater service. I am a mental and spiritual magnet. I am divinely guided all day long; and whatever I do will prosper. Divine justice and divine law and order govern all my undertakings, and whatever I begin will result in success. I know the law of my mind, and I am fully aware of all these truths, I am reiterating, are now sinking into my subconcious mind, and they will come forth after their kind. It is wonderful. I know that to prosper means to grow spiritually in every dimension. God is prospering me now in mind, body, and affairs. God’s ideas constantly unfold within me, bringing to me health, wealth, and perfect Divine expression.


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  1. john soares omotola

    it is good to be rich and also it is good to be great but the most important is to be a friend to the one whos rich and greater than all imaginations.with that all our aspirations in life will come to reality.

  2. Dangerous Christian


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